Bringing the Palestinian’s traditional farm-to-table flavors in your kitchen.

From fried falafel, sumac fried chicken, za'atar, and many more, our goal is to open up your kitchen to authentic Palestine flavors without you leaving your home. Expect nothing but uplifting flavors that will overwhelm your senses as we provide products that are 100% organic and grown on Falasteen soil.

As a Palestinian American, I have always loved the rich culture of Palestine. It may be known as home to some of the first agricultural communities in the world, but it's the delicious food, lively dances, gatherings, beautiful hand-embroidered dresses and more that struck a lovely note in my heart. And my mom has always brought this rich culture into our plates through her wonderful cooking. The aroma of a dish changing from one smell to another as it is cooked is like a symphony of notes all lined up perfectly on a staff. This experience was way too beautiful to be kept within our home, so we created Re7het Falasteen.

Palestinian meal times are more than just eating. It is sharing good food with friends and family. It is turning a regular day into something extraordinarily spectacular. The fusion of flavors creates this captivating experience that we want other people to experience as well.

Our passion for Middle Eastern groceries is so strong that all of our products are organic, natural, fresh and are imported straight from our favorite Palestinian growers and farmers. This guarantees you get the authentic flavors at the most affordable price point.

Find the missing link to the most sumptuous dish you are trying to perfect, and shop our store for authentic Palestine groceries at the comfort of your own home.